Ozzie Newsome promises early roster cuts

The Baltimore Ravens are just under the salary cap. But if they want to make solid moves in free agency, Baltimore has several decisions to make.

General manager Ozzie Newsome released a statement Monday evening forewarning that cuts are coming in Baltimore.

"We are excited to be back in the business of football and looking forward to having our players back," Newsome said. "With this agreement comes a new salary cap, unlike last season when there was no cap. We will be making a number of roster moves in the next 48 hours that will free up salary-cap space. This will give us the ability to make offers to our players we want to re-sign, plus put us in a position to sign free agents from other teams."

The obvious cut this week will be Ravens backup running back Willis McGahee. He's on the books for $6 million this season and releasing McGahee would shave $2.5 million off Baltimore's cap. But the Ravens appear to be looking for more cap relief. So stay tuned.