Cedric Benson sees no reason to wait

There's no time better than the present when it comes to getting things accomplished.

Cincinnati Bengals starting running back Cedric Benson applied this theory to his jail sentence. Instead of serving 20 days in mid-October for a pair of assault charges, Benson booked himself in jail late Tuesday night in Austin, Texas.

There are risks involved. Cincinnati's regular-season opener against the Cleveland Browns is in 11 days. But Benson might get out in about a week with good behavior. The best-case scenario is Benson plays against Cleveland despite limited practice time.

Serving time now also allows Benson to move past his legal issues and concentrate on football. The jail sentence would have been lingering over Benson's head for nearly half the season.

Things have been quiet from the league office. So Benson appears to be clear once he's released. The Bengals will only benefit from Benson getting past this as early as possible.