Reid confident in Shurmur-Childress pairing

While I'm not sold on the Cleveland Browns' hiring of Brad Childress as their offensive coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid certainly is.

Reid, who had Childress and Browns coach Pat Shurmur on his staff in Philadelphia, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that it's a "great fit" and a "win-win all the way around."

"Pat's a heck of a play-caller, and Brad's a heck of a play-caller, and I think that's a heck of a combination," Reid told the Plain Dealer. "Both of them can bounce things off of each other. That's what Brad did here with me, and that's what Pat did here with me. So, whether I was calling the plays or they were calling the plays, we had an open communication where we could talk and make the best of whatever situation there was."

Whether you endorse the addition of Childress or not, this only addresses a very small part of the Browns' problems offensively. In reality, it wouldn't make much of a difference if the Browns had hired Mike Sherman or the NFL's top offensive genius because of the talent level on the field. There are more questions than answers when it comes to Cleveland's offense.

Who is the starting quarterback? Who is the featured running back? Who is the No. 1 receiver? Colt McCoy has to win a quarterback competition to remain the starter, Peyton Hillis is expected to leave in free agency and Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi look more like No. 2 receivers. The Browns are the only team in the AFC North that isn't set at quarterback, which puts them in a big hole.

A league source told the Plain Dealer that Shurmur is the playcaller for now, although that is not a final decision. But a league source told the Akron Beacon Journal that it hasn't been determined whether Shurmur will call the plays with the hiring of Childress.

The trouble is, the plays will only succeed once the Browns have the players in place to execute them. Until that point, it will continue to be a struggle for Cleveland to score over 17 points per game like last season.