Midday notes: Ravens make offer to Mathis

Free-agent guard Evan Mathis said the Ravens have offered him "a nice deal" but the team didn't get the response that they expected -- he left town.

Mathis hasn't turned down the offer, but he has decided to go back to Arizona to think it over. Teams prefer to get the deal done before a player leaves, so it's hard to gauge how this is going to turn out.

It's quite possible that Mathis is going to give the Eagles a chance to match the offer. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said the team is still interested in keeping Mathis.

“We’d like Evan back and we’re in constant communication with his representatives,” Roseman said.

The Ravens need Mathis because he is the best free-agent option remaining to fill the void left by Ben Grubbs, who joined New Orleans yesterday. But Baltimore will be wary of overpaying a 30-year-old lineman.

Here are some midday notes of what's happening in the AFC North: