Uni Watch's take on AFC North uniforms

Here is what Uni Watch's Paul Lukas had to say about the new Nike uniforms for each of the AFC North teams. You can click here to get a breakdown for the entire league.

BENGALS: The two-tone collar actually works for this team, because it plays into the uniform's overall stripey-ness. ... Pants striping now wraps around more toward the front, which I think is actually an improvement.

BROWNS: Essentially unchanged. ... Somewhere in the Nike offices, there's probably an exec whose sole job is to convince the Browns to adopt a helmet logo.

RAVENS: Hip logo appears to be lower than before.

STEELERS: Essentially unchanged. ... 80th-anniversary logo, unveiled earlier this week, does not appear as a jersey patch. Maybe it'll be added later..? ... Helmet on mannequin did not have a front uni number, à la the team's preseason look. I assume this was just an oversight, not design change.