Cameron triumphant in Dolphin Stadium return

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
MIAMI -- Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron returned to Dolphin Stadium for the first time since the Miami Dolphins fired him. He left with as many victories on Sunday afternoon as he had during his one season here.

The Ravens beat the Dolphins 27-13, and while the Dolphins gained two more net yards than the Ravens did, Cameron was a winner. The only time he had that feeling last year was an overtime victory over the Ravens to avoid a winless season but not the axe.

I had the chance to catch up with Cameron as he walked to the team bus after the game. As he reflected on Sunday's significance, he choked up, but successfully fought back the tears.

Do you have any extra butterflies for this game?

Cameron: Not like you would think. You're just focused on trying to do everything you need to do to win the game. You try to take all those emotions out, especially after you leave the hotel. I think my emotions were in check until about the last 61 seconds. Then some emotions came out. I think that's normal. I think that's natural.

There's a lot of great people here in South Florida, and they treated myself, my family with great respect. I think it was you that said you weren't sure what I left with, but it might have been my dignity, and I thank the people of South Florida for allowing us to do that.

It was a tough year, but it's behind all of us. We all need to just move forward. The Dolphins are doing good things. They're going to be in good shape.

What were your emotions over those last 61 seconds?

Cameron: I'm no different than anybody else. You give your heart and soul to something and it doesn't turn out? You know, it hurts. Some of that pain comes back.

But then the joy of this team winning and knowing how we all feel about each other, that Raven thing is real. We all are Ravens. We all fell about each other a certain way. Then those emotions came over. Just moving forward.