Poll results: Your thoughts on Browns sale

Based on this week's SportsNation poll, the sale of the Cleveland Browns to Tennessee businessman Jimmy Haslam is a positive move.

Of the 4,651 voters, 55 percent said they were in favor of Randy Lerner selling the Browns to Haslam. Only 18 percent voted against it.

Here are some of your thoughts on the change in ownership:

Steve from Toledo, Ohio, writes: "I am all for the sale of the Browns to Jimmy Haslam. Yes, I know he said he is an "1,000 percent Steeler's fan," but what do you expect when you buy into a team that's not from your hometown? You need to make yourself sound good to the fans. Randy Lerner never really got this, being that he never really wanted the team. The only thing I am concerned about is Tom Heckert. I am 1,000 percent (see what I did there?) confident in his decision making. I hope that since he worked under Joe Banner (rumored to be coming along with Haslam), he would be allowed to stay. I'm not too worried about Holmgren and Shurmur, but Heckert is the one who needs to stay."

Mark from Allentown, Pa., writes: "I think it is a great thing. I won't fault Lerner for effort, but poor execution and luck. He spent, so it has nothing to do with him being a cheapskate owner. He just had no idea who to hire to run the club. The bad luck part has to do with things like Courtney Brown. I mean no one could predict the health issues he had. The funny thing is him selling now. I think [general manager Tom] Heckert has the Browns headed in the right direction in terms of talent. I do question some of [Mike] Holmgren's moves though. I mean keeping [Eric] Mangini another year was stupid if you weren't going to keep him. I still don't like the hiring of [Pat] Shurmur."

Drew from Akron, Ohio: "I am glad that the Browns are being sold to what should be a much more engaging and involved owner. However, I am worried, as many Browns fans are, that the new owner will scrap everything again after we have begun to see some momentum with the last few drafts. I believe Heckert has done well drafting, and Shurmur should be given time to develop this very young team. If there is another overhaul of the coaching staff after this season it will be very disheartening for Cleveland fans."

Sharfy from Columbus, Ohio: "I am in favor of this move but with reservations. As a season ticket holder, I want a owner who has his heart with the team and will do all he can to support the team on the field and the fans in the stands. I am hesitant because we do not know what his plans are for the team. The team just invested in a lot of young talent and changing leadership yet again would put the Browns at yet again rebuilding. I would like to see this group get at least this season and next to see what they can do with this group of talent now that they have some."