Yes, another Ben Roethlisberger injury

There's three things you can count on with the Steelers:

Someone will take a shot at the Pittsburgh defense for being too old. Head coach Mike Tomlin will say at some point, "The standard is the standard."

And quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will inevitably get injured -- and usually multiple times.

That's what happened Saturday, when Roethlisberger left a few minutes early from a Steelers training camp practice. He sprained his left ankle on a 20-yard touchdown pass when a lineman stepped on him. According to USA Today, he limped off the field and had an ice pack taped to the ankle that caused him so much trouble last season.

So, should anyone be worried? Tomlin certainly isn't.

“He's fine,” Tomlin said. “Somebody stepped on his foot. You guys love the Ben updates.”

This injury occurred three days after Roethlisberger revealed that he had slight tear in his right rotator cuff. It's gotten to the point it's news when Roethlisberger isn't hurt.

The one positive is everyone is now talking about Roethlisberger and not a hold-out wide receiver.