Trent Richardson ready to play 'Uncle Ray'

The Plain Dealer dug up a quote from Trent Richardson from the NFL combine in February, when he talked about meeting "Uncle Ray" in the hole.

As the Browns gear up to play the Ravens and Uncle Ray (a.k.a. Ray Lewis) on Thursday night, Richardson stood by his previous comments.

"Not to be cocky or talking mess, but if you're an athlete or you're a competitor, why would you stand down for anybody?" Richardson said. "I know Ray Lewis is going to come at me and I'm going to come right back at him. That's just football. He knows what football's about and I know what football's about, we've been playing it for years. Both of us are going to give all we can."

All joking aside, Lewis could be Richardson's uncle. Lewis is 37 and Richardson is 22. When Lewis made his first NFL tackle, Richardson was in first grade.

While Lewis and Richardson differ in age, their size is virtually the same. Richardson weighs 230 pounds, which is a few pounds lighter than the estimated weight of the new slimmed-down Lewis. That could make their collisions interesting.

Richardson is the latest back who will test Lewis. Unlike previous seasons, teams have been running at Baltimore. The 103 rushing attempts against the Ravens are the fourth-most for any team in the league. The results have been mixed. The Ravens are holding teams to 3.3 yards per carry (fourth best in the NFL) but they've allowed five rushing touchdowns (second worst in the league).

Richardson, the third overall pick in this year's draft, leads AFC rookies with 175 rushing yards. He is looking for his third straight game with a touchdown.