Podcast: Flacco on freedom to audible

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco went on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" to talk about dealing with the replacement officials, the improvements he's made in his game, his contract status and the outlook for the season.

One of the biggest changes for Flacco has been his increased control over the offense.

Asked if he has total freedom to audible, Flacco said: "I don't have total freedom. I can't go to any play in the playbook. We do have a little bit more ability for myself to do those things and get us into plays that are going to hopefully work a little better. The understanding is hey, I am going to be wrong here and there but at least I had a reason for why I went to what I did and everyone can live with that."

Flacco has been more right than wrong based on the results. The Ravens have gone from the 15th-ranked offense last year to the second-ranked one after four games this season.