Video: 'Double-digit' concussions

In this video, I talk about Steelers linebacker James Harrison estimating he has had "double digit" bouts with concussion-like symptoms and began using a special layer of padding inside his helmet last season.

Harrison has been joined by around 100 players over the past 12 months and feels the extra weight (about 3-4 ounces) is worth the feeling of safety it provides.

"To protect my head I'd take a pound more," Harrison said.

ESPN's Andrew Brandt, a former player agent and former Packers vice president, wrote an interesting piece on the "concussion conundrum." Brandt points out how the NFL and team lawyers, concerned about future liability, are discussing contract language releasing teams from future concussion-related liability.

"These are unforeseen downsides for players entering the NFL with no leverage and competing with hundreds of others for a finite number of jobs," Brandt wrote.