Thought of the Day finale

Our latest version of "Thought of the Day" in the AFC North examined when the struggling Cleveland Browns (1-8) will get their next win.

Here are the best responses from our AFC North inbox:

Marc from Troy, Mich., writes: The Browns next, and ONLY, win will be at home vs. the Oakland Raiders, the second most pathetically run organization next to the Browns, of course. The stadium will have about 30,000 people in it and Eric Mangini will be starting Brett Ratliff, who is better than JaMarcus Russell. Browns win 9-3. Mangini declares that his "process" is starting to show progress in Cleveland. Overcome with confidence, Browns lose the next week to Jacksonville 27-6 to lock up the 1st pick in 2010 draft.

Dave from San Angelo, Texas, writes: I think the Browns could possibly beat the Detroit Lions this week. But Brady Quinn needs to get on the practice field this week and learn how to throw the mid-range ball and the deep ball! I know that is a sad statement considering that he is a first round QB! After the Detroit game, I think that the Browns only other shot would be against Oakland.

Jack from Kent, Ohio, writes: James, my roommate is a die-hard Lions fan and I'm a die-hard Browns fan. (Yeah, a lot of happy Sundays around here.) This being the case, I've watched every game this year of both teams and can confidently say that the Lions are at least 10 points better than the Browns. They have actual playmakers (Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith) and the Browns have nothing. That said, I honestly can't say I see the Browns winning another game this season. The Raiders have a decent defense which stops the pass well with Nnamdi Asomugha. The Chiefs at least have a decent D-line and a creative coach. I'm predicting a 1st Overall selection for my Brownies next season and a 1-15 finish. Ouch.

Kraig Bishop Ironton, Ohio, writes: Mark my words: Browns win all three of these cupcake games and go 4-12 if Brady Quinn figures out how to throw more than two yards. Browns lose all three of these cupcake games and go 1-15 if he plays like he played against the Ravens and earlier in the year. You don't want to believe one player makes that much of a difference, and I'm sure play calling has something to do with this, but he just looks scared in the backfield and checks down EVERY TIME!

Jeremy from Findlay, Ohio, writes: I completely expect the Browns to get to three wins this year. First off, the defense is outperforming the offense. That leads me to believe that the Lions with a rookie QB won't be successful on offense. The Lions are giving up an abysmal 29.3 ppg and I expect Quinn to perform better than he has against the top tier defenses he has faced. It is a close one and the Browns win by seven points. The second game I expect them to win is against Oakland. It is a home game for the Browns and the Raiders will be jet lagged coming from the west coast. Not to mention the Raiders are not extremely talented on either side of the ball. The Browns match up well in this aspect.

Jeff from Richmond, Ky., writes: I really think that the Browns will pull off their second and final win of the season at home vs. Oakland on week 17. With the way Cleveland plays on the road I do not believe they will beat either Detroit or Kansas City. Their best chance will be a home game and since the Raiders are their only "cupcake" left on the home schedule that's where I see it coming. It will probably be another 6-3 game like the Buffalo one, too.

Joshua Steward from Enoch, Utah, writes: In response to the next Browns win, I would say not this season. With two QB's that can't make throws, receivers that can't catch well, and a running game weaker than a mouse fight, I don't see the Browns winning anything else this season. By the way I am a Browns fan and have been for 25 years.

Matt D from Lima, Ohio, writes: Will the Browns win another game this year? At the beginning of the year I saw the schedule and said well they should win against the Bills, Lions, Oakland, K.C., Jacksonville, and maybe steal one from Cincinnati or Baltimore. Now after seeing this offense and the play calling I'm not so sure on any of these games.

AFC North Final Say

James Walker: The Browns are every bit as bad as their 1-8 record. But they have enough cupcakes left on their schedule to catch lightning in a bottle at least one more time this year. It could come Sunday against Detroit, but I’m picking the Lions in that one. I agree with most in our community that the Raiders coming to Cleveland is the Browns’ best shot to get their next win. This might be an interesting matchup between 2007 first-round quarterbacks in Quinn and Russell, who was recently benched. Neither player has worked out in three years, which is a major reason these teams are in their current states.