Friday Forecast: Week 10 predictions

When I predicted that the Ravens would beat the Browns by 11 points last week, I received notes in the mailbag calling me "idiot," "homer," and "delusional." It's funny how none of those same people wrote me after the Ravens beat the Browns by 10 points. I'm sure they meant to do so. Let's see how I fare this week:

Ravens 34, Raiders 13: The Ravens haven't had a convincing victory since the season opener against Cincinnati. That will change Sunday, when Baltimore plays its only home game in November. It will be a repeat of what Tampa Bay did to Oakland last Sunday. This time, it will be Ray Rice instead of Doug Martin gashing the Raiders. And it will be Torrey Smith instead of Vincent Jackson beating the Oakland secondary deep. The Raiders are 0-2 on East Coast trips this season.

Giants 27, Bengals 24: The Bengals simply aren't good at home. After beating the Browns in the home opener, they've lost to Miami, Pittsburgh and Denver at Paul Brown Stadium. Cincinnati has also struggled in pass defense. The Bengals are allowing quarterbacks to complete 68.3 percent of their passes (second-worst in the NFL) and record a 99.0 passer rating (fifth-worst). It was just last Sunday when the Bengals gave up 291 yards passing and three touchdowns to Peyton Manning. Expect similar numbers from Eli.

Steelers 26, Chiefs 13: The Chiefs typically give up over 30 points on the road, but that's because of turnovers. The Steelers have had trouble generating turnovers on defense. Their eight takeaways rank second-to-last in the AFC. The Steelers will grind out long drives with a suddenly hot running game. Kansas City has allowed an average of 134 yards rushing over the past four games. So the Steelers won't put up a huge amount of points but it will feel like a dominating performance nonetheless.

Week 9 record: 2-1. Season record: 15-9 (.625).

Ravens 25, Browns 15 (my prediction: Ravens 27, Browns 16)

Broncos 31, Bengals 23 (my prediction: Broncos 21, Bengals 13)

Steelers 24, Giants 20 (my prediction: Giants 24, Steelers 23)