Ranking every player in the Super Bowl

ESPN's Matt Williamson and Gary Horton tackled the job of ranking all 106 players on the Super Bowl rostersInsider of the Ravens and 49ers. It's an Insider piece, so you'll need a subscription to view them all. But I can give you some of my thoughts on the rankings of some Ravens players:


LB Terrell Suggs (No. 5): He's the highest-rated Raven (the top four players on the list are all 49ers), but he's not the best player on the Baltimore defense right now. Injuries to his Achilles and biceps have lessened his impact this season. This isn't a shot at Suggs. Many thought he wouldn't be playing at all this year.

DT Haloti Ngata (No. 10): Like Suggs, injuries have stopped him from being the same dominating lineman from the past couple of seasons. Ngata has the potential to be among the top 10 players in the league when he's on top of his game. He has stepped up his game during the playoffs.


SS Bernard Pollard (No. 40): He's a tempo-setter on the defense with his physical play. His hit on Patriots running back Stevan Ridley forced the game-changing turnover in the AFC Championship Game. Pollard also finished as the leading tackler on the Ravens in the regular season. He shouldn't be nine spots behind center Matt Birk.

NT Ma'ake Kemoeatu (No. 59): He won't give you a lot of tackles or a pass rush. But the Ravens are lucky that they took a flier on Kemoeatu this offseason. He has started 13 games this season because he has been a better space eater inside than Terrence Cody.

CB Cary Williams (No. 68): No one can accuse me of being a big Cary Williams fan. He gets burned too often and allowed six touchdowns in the regular season. But Williams also makes plays. He had four interceptions in the regular season and has added two in the playoffs. Not saying that Williams should be in the top 35, but he's eight spots behind Jimmy Smith.