AFC North might 'flex' its muscle

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

With the NFL's option of flex scheduling taking into effect, two teams that are prime candidates for schedule changes in the upcoming weeks are the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) and Baltimore Ravens (6-3).

Both teams are currently tied atop the AFC North and have some great games remaining.

Five solid candidates for time changes include the Nov. 30 game between Pittsburgh and the New England Patriots (6-4), the Dec. 7 battles between the Steelers and Dallas Cowboys (5-4) and Baltimore and the Washington Redskins (6-3), the Dec. 14 rematch with the Steelers and Ravens, and the Dec. 21 game involving the Steelers and undefeated Tennessee Titans (9-0).

The league and television networks -- in this case NBC -- have some tough choices to make. It must alert teams of a time change at least 12 days in advance. The only exception would be in Week 17, which is the final weekend of the regular season and requires just six days of notice.