Remember the offseason?

Mikey Pedersen from Boulder, Colo. writes: Yo J-Dub! Hope all is well on your end! Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have swept the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, is it time to dig up some of the quotes from the pre-season when fans of both teams were talking all the trash about how they would annihilate the Bengals? Personally, I think so.

It's Friday, Mikey. So why not?

Here is another installment of "Remember the offseason?" from our AFC North community:

  • "The only reason the Bungles have to look forward to this year is because it's in the future. Have fun watching real organizations play in January."

  • "All the hype around Cincy this year reminds me a lot of the Cleveland Browns last year! When will Ohio fans learn - WINNING is not for them."

  • "You Bengal fans are just plain dumb. Don’t forget the Browns and Bengals have to play the Steelers, the Super Bowl champs, and the Ravens, who are getting an offense now which makes them real scary. So don’t get too excited Bengal fans."

  • "As far as a sleeper team, are you kidding me? The only thing the Bengals will be doing during the postseason is pointing the finger and blaming each other for why they're not in it. Steelers will dominate this division again."

  • "My problem with all these predictions is that none of the fan bases really knows anything about the other teams except for what it hears from guys like JW. So if JW has a good word on the Bengals, then what do these fans know to say JW doesn't know what he's talking about? At least he went to the training camps and saw all the players. Everybody else just somehow thinks that when it comes to the Bengals, JW doesn't see things properly."

  • "Who-dey think they can beat them Bengals? Answer is EVERYBODY."

  • "I'll give you two wins over the Browns, but 2-4 [in the AFC North] is more like it. I'm not saying that the Ravens and Steelers will blow Cincy out of the water, but I don't see them beating them."

  • "I don’t even say the Ravens will win the division, and yet Bengal fans come on here yelling that they will stomp out everyone, get real."

  • "Look, the only Bengal fan left came to chat. Awwww."

  • "Don’t be a hater. Just shut up, bow down, and realize the Steelers are real and they are going to repeat."

  • "Division '09: Steelers 13-3, Ravens 11-5, Bengals 7-9, Browns 5-11."

Remember the offseason?