Wake-up: Youngest Steelers line in 56 years

Regular-season games kick off 14 weeks from now. Mull over that as we begin the wake-up call ...

RAVENS: Interviewed about Michael Crabtree's Achilles injury, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs detailed the challenges of his recovery from the same injury a year ago. "I was still effective against the run because you can play the run with your legs and your arms," Suggs told CBS Sports' Clark Judge, "but as far as pass rushing, you need a tremendous amount of explosion, and I didn't have that right off the bat for a large portion of the season." Suggs managed two sacks in eight regular-season games. He then recorded two sacks in the playoffs.

BENGALS: Tight ends coach Jonathan Hayes believes first-round pick Tyler Eifert is as good as advertised after watching him in three weeks of offseason workouts. “After working him out and spending time with him before the draft, he is on target and about where I thought he would be,” Hayes told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “He has been great mentally and keeps an even keel. It is hard to tell from him whether things are going good or bad. He would be a great poker player that way.”

STEELERS: According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Steelers have had at least one five-year veteran starting on the offensive line every season since 1960. As it stands now, the most experienced starter is left guard Ramon Foster, who has four NFL seasons under his belt. The average age of the line is just over 24 years old. That would make it the Steelers' youngest since 1957, according to the Tribune-Review. “I think we're a young group with a lot of potential," said Mike Adams, who is currently lining up at right tackle. "And we're working very hard to turn that potential into reality.”

BROWNS: Offensive coordinator Norv Turner turned up the intensity Thursday, when he yelled at quarterbacks and wide receivers for making mistakes. After one play, Turner ripped into backup quarterback Jason Campbell for missing a receiver and wideout Mike Edwards for running the wrong route, according to The Plain Dealer. Starting quarterback Brandon Weeden also got an earful from Turner. “He coaches me every play, and I can't ask any more than that,” Weeden said. “He expects the highest level out of me, and that’s what I want. He's making me a better player. He apologized. He blew a gasket, but it’s going to happen. That's football. You've got to be on your toes. You can't mess up.”