Breaking down Jason Campbell's contract

When Jason Campbell visited last week with Cincinnati Bengals coaches, they made their intentions for wanting him clear. They were looking for him to push starting quarterback Andy Dalton and to be the extra voice of support and criticism that they feel will be crucial for the young player's development.

A nine-year veteran, Campbell has just about seen it all on the professional stage. He has experienced the bitter taste of postseason defeat. He has felt the disappointment, shame and anger that is associated with having a season ruined by a major injury. He has had to adapt to being the older journeyman backup after years of being a starter.

Those are just a few of the lessons they'd like Campbell to share with Dalton during downtime the two may have between now and the start of the 2014 season. They also want Hue Jackson's former quarterback to impart his wisdom about playing for the new Bengals offensive coordinator. In 2010 and 2011, Campbell played for Jackson when the latter was the offensive coordinator and head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Since the reasons for Campbell's signing last week have so much more to do with off-field benefits than on-field concerns, the veteran quarterback was not expecting to get a major windfall of cash on his one-year deal. Nor is he getting one.

According to Campbell's contract details obtained by ESPN Stats & Information, the signal-caller will be making $400,000 of guaranteed money this year. That's slightly down from the $500,000 of guaranteed cash he agreed to last season when he played in nine games with the Browns. Much like his overall salary from Cleveland, Campbell this season will boast a cap value in Cincinnati of $1.5 million.

He is now just barely the second-highest paid quarterback on the team. Dalton's cap value for 2014 is slated to be about $1.66 million. There's a chance that number could change this offseason, though, as the Bengals try to extend Dalton's contract. His rookie deal will expire after the 2014 season. Much of the talk around the Bengals already this week has dealt with owner and president Mike Brown's insistence that Cincinnati is committed to making the re-signing of Dalton their focus, but that he just doesn't know exactly when such a deal can be feasibly brokered.

It's for that reason that you probably shouldn't be surprised if the Bengals still end up drafting a quarterback in May, even after signing Campbell to the one-year deal.

Here is how the rest of Campbell's 2014 contract breaks down:

Cap value: $1,500,000

Cash value: $1,500,000

Signing bonus: $400,000

Roster bonus: $0

Workout bonus: $100,000

Base salary: $1,000,000

Guaranteed money: $400,000