Is Rex Ryan's prediction correct?

Last week during a conference call in Cincinnati I asked New York Jets coach Rex Ryan if he was disappointed he wasn't facing the "other" AFC North team currently in the playoffs?

lastnameRyan"It's not over yet," responded Ryan, the former defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens.

Then Ryan provided his vision for the AFC postseason bracket.

"The ideal situation would be that you meet [the Ravens] in the AFC Championship, then you beat them, and you go on," he said.

Last week, odds of that happening were slim. But after dominant wild-card performances by the Jets over the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Ravens over the New England Patriots, it's a legitimate possibility.

Ryan's current and former teams are just one playoff win away from creating a "Rex Ryan Bowl" in the AFC title game. Baltimore (10-7) would have to upset the Indianapolis Colts (14-2) on Saturday, and New York (10-7) needs to do the same against the San Diego Chargers (13-3) on Sunday.

The Jets and Ravens will be underdogs on the road. But in a one-and-done scenario, anything could happen.

Perhaps Ryan is on to something.