Voice of the People: Playoffs edition

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

We're going to focus our latest edition of Voice of the People on the two remaining AFC North teams in the postseason.

Here is what's currently on the mind of ESPN.com readers as it pertains to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens:

On the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Sam from Arlington, VA writes: JW, I love reading your blogs. But come on. You can't put Tomlin on the who's not list. It's easy to say this on Monday, when I'm sure on Friday you were talking about how smart Tomlin was for starting his starters. In football, maybe so in any other sport, momentum and chemistry is everything. I'm totally fine with Tomlin playing Ben until halftime, as I'm sure the rest of SteelerNation is.

Reader from Anaheim, Ca writes: A bad decision to play roethlisberger, he could have been badly injured and out of the playoffs and against this opponent he wasn't needed

Reader from Leakesville writes: I really feel that it was not a good decision to play Ben in such a meaningless game considering the fact that it was still a bitter divisional rival.

Ryan from Alexandria, VA writes: Who's Hot: Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore Who's Not: Mike Tomlin - Tomlin only led his team to 12-4 and their second consecutive Division title this year. All this after entering the season with the most difficult strength of schedule in the league. The Steelers only beat the Browns by 31 points yesterday.

On the Baltimore Ravens...
Brian from Baltimore writes: Great season and we have two teams in the playoffs. I hope for a short time Raven and Steeler fans can band together and make all those people that said "The afc north is weak and don't have a chance" eat their words. I would love to see the Ravens and Steelers in the championship game. Sure I would like the Ravens to get another crack at the Steelers but it would also guarantee an afc north team in the superbowl.

Jason writes: James, I think I'm going insane. You see I'm almost positive that I went to Ravens game today but I'm watching ESPN right now and they haven't said anything about it. The Dolphins just got a 5 minute piece and they just talked about the great 8-8 San Diego Chargers. Heck the Browns are getting coverage now. The Ravens did make it into the Post Season today right?

Matthew from Baltimore writes: James great job on the Coach of the Year debate. Another interesting point about the success of the Dolphins this season can pointed to the hiring of Bill Parcells and his decision to hire Tony Sporano. So the question becomes who is really responsible for the success of the Dolphins this year, Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano, a combination both, or the leadership of Chad Pennington? My vote for coach of the year would be John Harbaugh with the simple fact of that he took over a veteran team and has gained and earned most of their respect. Harbaugh has also hired a great staff to support him and has given his staff the freedom to coach however they need to in order to win. This a quite a contrast to the Brian Billick regime, who micromanaged the team to say the least.

Joe from San Antonio writes: James, I love how Ravens fans love to play the "no respect" card, but 3 of the 4 teams they have beaten are in the NFC East (Dallas, Washington and Philadelphia). They have only beaten Miami in the AFC. Meanwhile, they lost to the Steelers (twice) Colts, Titans and Giants. The Steelers, easily, had a much more difficult schedule then the Ravens and beat them twice, the Patriots, Cowboys and Washington. I will take the Steelers in the AFC Playoffs anyday before the Ravens. They have had a good season, but there's no way Joe Flacco, given his body of work, will go on the road 3 times and win.