Everyone wants Cromartie

The division inbox is bustling with trade scenarios, and recently, San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is the most prevalent name that comes up.



Below is a sample of recent trade proposals from our AFC North community. Would you accept these offers if you're the Chargers?

  • Justin from Cleveland and Pittsburgh writes: Do you think the Cleveland Browns will go after Cromartie? We might not be able to package a running back, but maybe Chris Jennings and a fourth-round pick? Or maybe a second-round pick by itself?

  • Gabby from Baltimore writes: I think the Ravens and Chargers could be partners. The Ravens want Malcom Floyd and Antonio Cromartie and that can fill all their needs. While the Chargers can get Willis McGahee and a pick. What about McGahee, a first-round pick and a fourth for Floyd and Cromartie?

  • Denny from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, writes: What about the Steelers trading Isaac Redman and a draft pick for Cromartie? Redman was on the practice squad last year. What I saw in last year's preseason he looked good.