Notes from Ravens' John Harbaugh

INDIANAPOLIS -- Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh met with the media Saturday.

Here are some highlights on what Harbaugh had to say:


  • The Baltimore Ravens are interested in signing receiver Derrick Mason for more than one year. Mason, who is pondering retirement, recently said he wouldn't return on a one-year deal, and it appears that won't be an issue for the veteran in free agency.

"He's 36 years old, but he's not physically," Harbaugh said. "As long as he can play, we want him to be a Raven."

  • Harbaugh says he's also impressed by receiver Donte' Stallworth. Baltimore put Stallworth through a "grueling" workout and surprised the team by how good a shape he was in after more than a year away from football.

  • Baltimore seems certain (too certain?) that Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed is coming back to play football in 2010. Reed said he was 50-50 after the team's playoff loss last month and has yet to provide a verbal commitment. But the Ravens are confident the medical issues will check out fine and, thus, Reed will play at least one more season.

"Ed Reed is playing, as far as I know," Harbaugh said. "We've said this before, I think Ed is one of the greatest competitors in football ... I say that I think Ed is going to play, because I think Ed’s going to do everything he can to play."

  • Here is more on receivers: Baltimore is not ruling out signing free-agent receiver Terrell Owens. It's obvious the Ravens are in desperate need of receivers, and Owens is the biggest unrestricted name available. But if you ask me right now whether Owens will sign in Baltimore, I would lean more toward "no" than "yes."

  • In terms of potential trades, Harbaugh believes running back Willis McGahee will be a Raven next season. In talking about the future of backup quarterback Troy Smith, Harbaugh said he wants to keep Smith but understands his desire to be a starter.

"If something would work out where it’s beneficial to the Ravens first from our perspective, and it gives him a chance to be [a starter] down the road somewhere, we're interested in doing that," Harbaugh said. "But Troy is our backup quarterback at this point."