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Friday, October 8, 2010
Cam Cameron: 'Audibling is overrated'

By James Walker

Questions are coming left and right for Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron with his unit off to a slow start.

Despite a wealth of Pro Bowl talent, Baltimore (3-1) is ranked 22nd in the NFL in total offense and averaging just 15.2 points per game. There would be even more heat if Baltimore wasn't winning games and in first place in the division.

The latest topic in Baltimore this week is audibling, and whether quarterback Joe Flacco has enough freedom to run the offense and change the play as he sees fit. Cameron doesn't believe that's the cure-all to the offense's woes.

"Audibling is overrated. It really is," Cameron told reporters in Baltimore. "I mean, it's good to talk about, and I could sit here and let you guys think we do all this audibling and how clever we are and how tricky we are and all that stuff. It depends on how teams are playing you. Or the way teams are playing us, we're better off calling a play, making sure everybody knows what that play is and executing that play. That's what’s best for us right now. However, we have the potential to audible every play if we chose, because we’ve done that."

Cameron also compared the offense now to when Flacco first arrived.

"With Joe Flacco, we audibled a ton with him as a rookie -- I mean, over half the time," Cameron said. "We could, if we chose to, audible with him every down. But if it doesn't fit who you're playing, why do it? And we try to tactfully mix when we do it and when we don't do it, but we also like just calling a play, especially with new guys, just get up and call a play. Read the defense and let Joe do his thing."