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Friday, November 14, 2008
Voice of the People

By James Walker

Posted by's James Walker

It's venting time once again in the AFC North.

We try to give as many readers a voice here in our AFC North community. So as always, send all of your questions and comments here to be heard.

On the Cleveland Browns:

Mike from Northampton, PA writes: James - I really enjoy your writing. As a Browns fan I have to finally say I think it's time for Crennel to go. I've supported him for a long time. When he accepted the position, he walked into a mess and I knew it would take time to turn it around. As a head coach you have to know when to step in and when to step back...last night was a perfect example of a complete mess. The defense was humiliated and with 54 seconds, two timeouts and a second and one...they throw three straight times. After putting up 160 yards at 5.5 per carry you have to run for the first. Not sure who made the calls, but if it was the Offensive coordinator - it should have been over ruled by the Head Coach. Crennel seems like a good guy, but his time is up in Cleveland. It's time for a new coach.

Eric from LA writes: I really don't think firing Romeo is the answer. Better D-backs are the answer. They cannot continue to change leadership every 3-4 years - NO MORE REBUILDING! 

Gene from Indian Trail, NC writes: Romeo is insulted at reports that some players quit? They did - and he's only got himself to blame. Let's face - he is simply not an effective NFL coach - enough is enough - he should step down after the season, and save himself the embarrassment of being let go. PLEASE!

Reader from Washington, DC writes: Why does everyone seem to focus on Anderson and Quinn when they are obviously not the problem. Edwards drops more passes than any 1st receiver I have ever seen. Why doesn't he ever get blamed. I grew up with the rule that if it hits your hands you should make the catch. It seems like every time he has a step on the corner and breaks away, the pass seems to hit both of his brick hands before thudding onto the field.

On the Cincinnati Bengals:

Cam from San Diego writes: James, Although the Bengals are cold (very), I would suggest you add Pat Sims as a "hot" player for your next version of "Who's hot and Who's Not". The rookie has stepped in and played great recently. Hopefully, when paired with Peko they can solve their long term problem of stopping the run. Cam

On the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Erik from Pittsburgh writes: Can Bruce Arians please stop calling the play where no one gets open and makes Roethlisberger hold onto the ball and then receive a punishing hit? Why can't Ben or Bruce figure this thing out? It's so annoying to watch!

Reader from Baltimore writes: James, Why are all the steeler fans saying the Ravens have not beat anyone? Outside of Washington the Steelers have not beaten anyone either. We have beaten the same teams. We have dominated the Steelers and Titans on close games we lost. This week is a big game.....we shall see. Thanks, George

On the Baltimore Ravens:

John from Washington DC writes: Steelers nation likes to bring up the point that the Ravens have not beaten anyone of note yet. Yet, if you look at their schedule, the only 2 teams with a winning record that they beat were the Ravens and the Redskins. The Ravens havent played the Skins, and seem to match up well. So I guess I am wondering why they dismiss the Ravens for an easy schedule, but their wins mean more than ours? It seems to be that the argument there is weak, at best. THEY should beat a winning team before they continue their talking....they were one play away from beating the Giants and the Colts...well, the Ravens were one play away from beating the Titans and the Steelers.

Ben from Potomac, MD writes: James--I know the Ravens have not beaten anyone who is a contender but the teams we beat we beat by a large margin and in dominating form. That shows the signs of a very good team. It is one thing had we just won by a few points but this shows something.