AFC North: Bus Cook

Another twist surfaced as Mike Wallace's holdout nears a third day: the Steelers wide receiver is reportedly the one calling the shots.

Sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that it was Wallace's idea to hold out of training camp and not his agent, Bus Cook. According to the paper, this has led the Steelers to take a different approach with their No. 1 wide receiver.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert confirmed that the team has stopped negotiations with Wallace on a long-term deal and its last offer is now off the table.

I still think a deal can get done between Wallace and the Steelers before the start of the regular season, but this recent downward spiral in negotiations has certainly created some doubt that this will be resolved quickly. This has become a high-priced game of chicken, in which one side is going to have to back down. Right now, it doesn't look like the Steelers are going to give an inch until Wallace signs his $2.7 million tender.

"Him not being here, really we have to focus on what we can control because we can't control that," Colbert said. "Again, every negotiation is unique, you put your best foot forward. If it's not suitable for both parties, you have to adjust, and we're really in adjust-move-forward-mode right now."

Both sides made their best power plays this week. Because no team showed any interest in him in restricted free agency, Wallace's only move to gain any sort of leverage was holding out. Because the Steelers can't discipline or fine Wallace (he isn't under contract until he signs his tender), the team's only move to force him to report was to suspend talks.

According to Colbert, the Steelers will answer the phone from his agent, but they won't be making any calls to him. It looks like the only way this stalemate will end is if Wallace shows up at St. Vincent College.

"Yeah, we have to move on," Colbert said. "We have to prepare with the 89 guys who are here. You have to, you can't focus on who isn't here because you lose track of what you're supposed to be doing."
Posted by's James Walker

The Baltimore Ravens could use a veteran quarterback. Brett Favre could use a veteran team. The Green Bay Packers could use help in getting the legendary quarterback as far away as possible.

Can you say, "We have a match?"

At the very least, the Ravens should pick up the phone and call Favre, agent Bus Cook, or both.

Thoughts of whether Favre can run Cam Cameron's offense, or if Favre fits into a locker room already filled with strong personalities should be secondary at this point. Place the call and talk those things out. Let Favre know right away that you're interested, then both parties could make an informed decision.

Bringing in Favre would be perfect for Baltimore.

The Ravens know their quarterback of the future (Joe Flacco), but have no idea about their quarterback of the present. They're gearing up for a three-way race in training camp, which is rare and never a good sign.

Favre could be the ideal stopgap. Let him play a year or two, let Flacco learn from one of the best of all time, and choose to keep either Troy Smith or Kyle Boller.

Baltimore is a good, but not great, spot for Favre. The Minnesota Vikings would be more ideal because they are closer to winning a Super Bowl. A team like the Chicago Bears would at least breed familiarity.

But the Green Bay Packers would cringe at Favre signing with those two teams. So if Favre wants to show gratitude and respect the Packers' wishes of leaving the division and NFC, Baltimore is the place.

The Ravens lost one retired Mississippi quarterback (Steve McNair) earlier this year.

What's wrong with adding another Mississippi quarterback who wants to come out of retirement?



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