Browns pick Christian Kirksey in 3rd

BEREA, Ohio -- The pick: Christian Kirksey, OLB, Iowa

My take: The Cleveland Browns must know something on this pick. Kirksey is listed as 233 pounds in many draft guides, which seems small for an outside linebacker in the NFL. He almost seems like a safety size at 6 feet 2 and 233 pounds. Oddly enough, Kirksey said the Browns plan to play him at inside linebacker instead of outside. This is a pick that will need more explaining. On the positive side, Kirksey sounded like an enthusiastic guy who couldn't wait to play for the Browns. He recognized Jim Brown and talked about the team's history, which is a good thing.

Still MIA: Despite the uncertainty over Josh Gordon, the Browns continue to bypass receivers in the draft. Without Gordon the receivers corps is, at best, thin. Maybe the Browns know something we all don't, but it sure seems as if one of the two picks on the second day should have been a recevier.

What's next: Barring a trade, the Browns will pick next in the fourth round, 106th overall.