AFC North: Cleveland Indians

Taking another break

June, 27, 2010
In an effort to use all my vacation in 2010 before training camp, I'm taking another break. I will be away from the AFC North blog until July 5.

Everyone was on their best behavior in the past while I've been away. But just in case, I will offer another warning.

If my substitute says our community was too rowdy, I will turn this space into an AFC North baseball blog for the remainder of the summer. The focus will be on the Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians. (No Reds. They're in first place.)

So if you're not interested in wall-to-wall coverage on Ross Ohlendorf's pitching, Cesar Izturis' hitting or "Manny Acta ball," I suggest that everyone plays nice on the blog this week.

See you soon.
Posted by's James Walker

Here are the top stories Thursday in the AFC North:

Morning take: There shouldn't be much concern for a holdout situation in Baltimore. It's the other first-round tackle (Andre Smith) in the division with a much larger pay scale fans should worry about.

Morning take: It appears to be a minor tweak of the left knee. But when it's the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, every nick is a concern.

Morning take: I've talked to Henry several times in the past year, and he appears to be getting his priorities in order. Henry also is in an important contract year.

Morning take: With the economy and two struggling teams, it's no surprise the Browns and Indians are having a hard time selling luxury suites. Winning is the quickest way to change this, but perhaps this pairing could also help.