AFC North: Drayton Florence

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the team could "absolutely" sign one of the free-agent cornerbacks who worked out Tuesday.

"We were pleased with them," coach John Harbaugh said. "I couldn't sit here and distinguish one from another right now. It's just too hard to watch all that with the naked eye. But they all looked good. They're all in shape, which is a credit to those guys. You come off the bench, so to speak, and here you are in a fast practice like this. We'll go back and look at the tape really closely tonight, take a look at those guys again tomorrow and see where we are."

Dominique Franks stood out as the best among the four veteran cornerbacks. He went stride for stride deep downfield with wide receiver Steve Smith, who needed to push off to make the catch. Franks also picked off rookie quarterback Keith Wenning's underthrown pass.

A fifth-round pick by Atlanta in 2010, Franks played in every game for the Falcons the past two years as a reserve. He has three career interceptions and broke up nine passes.

Drayton Florence, who is coming off the best season of any of the tryout corners, didn't have a good day. He got beat deep by rookie wide receiver Michael Campanaro and had to grab Marlon Brown's jersey to stop another big completion against him.

The other cornerbacks who were working out were Aaron Ross and Marquice Cole.

Harbaugh said this practice allowed the Ravens to "kick the tires" and find out if the cornerbacks have bounced back from their injuries.

"We're going to take the best 90 guys to training camp, and we're going to have the best bullpen that we can for training camp," Harbaugh said.

The Ravens have also expressed interest in Brandon Flowers, who was released by the Kansas City Chiefs last week.
When the calendar hits June 1, it usually means the Baltimore Ravens are preparing to making one additional move.

This is a significant date because any free-agent signing past it doesn't count against a team's compensatory picks. The Ravens love their extra picks, and they're officially in line for three in the 2015 draft after losing four unrestricted free agents and signing one.

Baltimore has had some moderate success with its June signings. The Ravens landed inside linebacker Daryl Smith, who became one of their best defensive players last season, on June 5 of last year. They signed guard Bobbie Williams, who started six games during their Super Bowl season, in 2012, and added kicker Shayne Graham in 2010.

Will this June trend continue for the Ravens?

"We’re aware of the guys that are still out there, free agents that would be more favorable to sign after June 1 and all that," coach John Harbaugh said. "We’re going to be watching the waiver wire real close. We’re going to try and get better. We had a conversation, Ozzie [Newsome] and I, and I like to think on principle that we really believe this: We want to build as strong of a 53-man roster as we possibly can, and as we do that, try to get stronger every chance we can get. We’ll be looking.”

The two biggest positions of need for the Ravens are offensive tackle and cornerback.

There has been a lot of speculation about the Ravens signing offensive tackle Eric Winston. It makes sense because Winston played six seasons under Gary Kubiak, who is now the Ravens' offensive coordinator, and fits in the zone-blocking scheme. But, based on what the Ravens are saying, the team wants to see what Rick Wagner can do at right tackle before adding a veteran like Winston. There is also no guarantee that Winston, at the age of 30, is that much of an upgrade over what the Ravens already have.

The same argument could be made at cornerback, where the Ravens have two unproven defenders (Chykie Brown and Asa Jackson) battling for the No. 3 spot. The Ravens didn't sign or draft a cornerback after losing Corey Graham in free agency.

"Ozzie knows he has two great, young guys that are coming up," cornerback Lardarius Webb said. "You’ve got Asa Jackson who can play the nickel and outside, but mostly better inside. And Chykie Brown has been playing good. He’s had his chance to get out on the field, but now he gets thrown in, and it’s his. He’s going to get to show you all what he’s capable of."
The top cornerbacks available are: Terrell Thomas, Drayton Florence, Asante Samuel and Dunta Robinson. Thomas is 29 and has dealt with multiple knee surgeries while with the New York Giants. Samuel, 33, was relegated to being a backup at the end of last season for the Atlanta Falcons, and Robinson, 32, lost his nickelback job to a rookie last season with the Kansas City Chiefs. The best of this group seems to be Florence, a journeyman 33-year-old defender who started five games last season for the Carolina Panthers.

Considering these options, the Ravens may wait to add a veteran cornerback at the end of the preseason, when the final major cutdown is made and a more viable defender hits the market. With only four corners with NFL experience, the Ravens will have to either sign a veteran corner or keep an undrafted rookie.

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Which Pro Bowl-caliber player would you not want on your roster?
1. Terrell OwensWRDallas Cowboys14
2. Chad JohnsonWRCincinnati Bengals3
3. Randy MossWRNew England Patriots1
3. Drayton FlorenceCBJacksonville Jaguars1
3. Adam JonesCBDallas Cowboys1

This offseason did an anonymous survey of NFL head coaches that explored a variety of topics, including smartest offensive and defensive player, dirtiest player and owner with the best reputation.

Another question we asked NFL head coaches was which Pro Bowl-caliber player would they not want on their roster?

Of the 20 head coaches who responded, 14 voted for Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens, who was the runaway winner. Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals was a distant second with three votes.

 Hunter Martin/Getty Images
 Fourteen head coaches said they wouldn't want Terrell Owens on their team.

But the question is why Owens, and why such a large margin?

When it comes to winning, there is no comparison between Owens and Johnson.

Owens led three different teams to the playoffs and has a Super Bowl appearance with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Johnson has just one winning season his entire career in Cincinnati and is 0-1 in the postseason.

Their styles of play vary but both are effective. Their numbers have been comparable the past several seasons.

Yet, a majority of NFL head coaches would rather have Johnson on their team over Owens, which is interesting.

It is clear that Owens rates much higher on the distraction scale with coaches.