Jeremy Hill all too familiar with Odell Beckham's catches

CINCINNATI -- As he grabbed off the rack in his locker a hanger that held the navy Houston Texans jersey that prominently featured in all white the word "Blue" on its back, Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill shook his head with a look that bordered on disgust.

He wasn't bothered by the jersey, though. He was actually quite proud of that.

It was the question he had just heard that made him vigorously shake his head.

"Were you as surprised as the rest of us to see Odell Beckham's catch Sunday night?" a reporter asked Hill, the rookie running back who played college ball at LSU with Beckham.

Not at all.

After spending more than two years playing and practicing alongside Beckham, Hill said he regularly saw from Beckham catches like the awkward, falling, backward jumping, one-handed -- three-fingered, actually -- reception that many are calling one of the greatest in NFL history. The New York Giants receiver's catch on Sunday night has been fodder for a bevy of memes, and has even the most casual football observers stunned by the grace, agility and athleticism it took for Beckham to bring in the unique haul.

But while the rest of the world rubs its eyes at not only Beckham's grab, but also other impressive receptions from Miami's Jarvis Landry, Hill can only smile and reminisce.

"They practice that stuff every day, just catching balls one-handed and catching it in a situation where you've got to go make a play," Hill said, thinking back to practices at LSU with the pass-catching pair. "That's just something I've seen for a few years now and those guys are very good that way."

As Hill spoke Monday afternoon, he was holding in his hand the dirty, game-worn jersey of another former LSU Tiger, Alfred Blue. After the Bengals' 22-13 win at Houston on Sunday, Hill and Blue traded their pro jerseys as a matter of respect.

Back to Beckham's grab. Hill remembered Landry making a catch similar to Beckham's last year. In a game last November against Arkansas, Landry extended his body horizontally to his left as a defender was between him and the ball. Somehow, Landry stuck his left arm around the defender's head and one-handed the pass from fellow current NFLer, quarterback Zach Mettenberger. At the end of the dive, Landry still came up with the ball without it touching the ground or the defender.

"Everyone's fascinated by it, but I've been trying to tell everybody about LSU guys," Hill said. "I guess I'm going to have to keep preaching about it until people start believing me."