Jaguars don't expect Dante Fowler to be disciplined by NFL for video fight

Caldwell: Fowler Jr.'s such a great kid (1:37)

Jaguars GM David Caldwell explains how Jaguars DE Dante Fowler Jr. has great character and the organization will stand by him during the controversy surrounding him, as well as provides an update on his physical condition. (1:37)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said he doesn't expect Dante Fowler Jr., will face disciplinary action from the NFL regarding a video that shows a fight between two women connected to the second-year defensive end.

In the video posted on TMZ.com, it appears that Fowler makes no attempt to keep the women -- which the website identifies as Fowler's girlfriend and the mother of his child -- from fighting and at one point seems to act as almost a referee.

"I know the league's looking into it," Caldwell said Thursday at the NFL combine. "From the information that we have I don't expect much to come of it. We stand by our statement we released that there's no place for violence in the NFL or in society."

The NFL released a statement on Tuesday saying it was reviewing the video. Fowler released a statement that said he was embarrassed by what happened and apologized for his actions to everyone involved.

The Jaguars released a statement saying they were looking into the matter and would provide support to Fowler and his family.

"Dante's a great kid," Caldwell said. "He's got a great spirit about him. He's a young person. He's going to learn how to handle situations, I think, for the most part moving forward. He's been doing the right things and I think he's going to continue to do the right things."

Fowler, 21, was the No. 3 overall pick in the NFL draft in 2015 but suffered a torn left ACL on the first day of rookie minicamp and missed the entire season. Less than a week after the injury the Jaguars gave Fowler a four-year, fully-guaranteed contract worth $23.5 million.