On Cook and draft depth at tight end

As I scanned my Twitter feed this morning, I noticed this from @MoveTheSticks, who is Daniel Jeremiah, who worked in scouting with the Browns and Ravens and has a very enjoyable and informative tweeting presence:

Talked with an executive tonight that was amazed at the TE depth of this draft. Potential starters available in 5th/6th round

Which, of course, automatically made me think there is additional pressure on Jared Cook, and that maybe the Titans were a little too in love with him last year.

Cook was fantastic in camp and the preseason, then injured an ankle and basically disappeared. It’s far too early to judge him.

But the Titans were very un-Titan like in the 2009 draft when they traded their 2010 second-rounder (48th overall) to New England for the Patriots' 2009 third-rounder (89th overall), with which they selected Cook.

With all of the needs they have now, they sure could use a second-rounder. And if they could get a starting-caliber tight end that late this year, they left lot of room for second guessing. Did they have the foresight to know what was coming this year when they gave up such a lofty pick to nab Cook?