Jags lead in draft building formula

The New York Time's Chase Stuart takes an interesting look at draft-building in this piece, in which he ranks the Jaguars as the league’s top draft-built team in 2009.

That’s before they added Aaron Kampman and Kassim Osgood in free agents since March 5, of course.

But by Stuart’s calculations using numbers at his pro-football-reference.com site, the Jaguars got 82 percent of their “approximate value” from players it drafted. But, he wisely points out: “Nearly all of the big contributors for Jacksonville came via the draft, which may have more to do with the team’s fiscal operations than its ability to scout players.”

Well, the Jags had spent, they just spent on guys like Drayton Florence and Jerry Porter who busted for them. But they do want to be draft-centric and their 2009 class, the first by GM Gene Smith, proved a major boon for the franchise in its first year. Many of us expect that to start to turn into a trend come April.

Indy is sixth on the list at 70.1 percent, Tennessee 11th (61.9 percent), Houston 14th (60.9).

It’s an interesting read I recommend.