Updated: Pacman to Jags? Bet against it

The Jaguars are on the list of teams reportedly giving Adam "Pacman" Jones a look.

JonesJonesThis made some Jacksonville fans panicky.

As Jonathan Loesche pointed out in an effort to calm fans before I could say roughly the same, it likely amounts to “due diligence tire kicking.”

I don’t expect him back in the league, but I can understand why a team that hasn’t seen him up close might give him a look.

If a team 's personnel people fall for yet another “changed man” routine, it will come back to bite them. A guy with this many strikes simply isn’t worth the risk. I covered Jones for his entire disastrous tenure in Tennessee and am completely comfortable saying he’s toxic.

Jags GM Gene Smith has been nicknamed "Clean Gene" by Pete Prisco on the radio in Jacksonville.

Jones wasn’t a good player last time we saw him in Dallas, and more time away is unlikely to have made him better.

For A GM who leans toward drafting college captains who can lead and fall in line with the program and who runs a team that had a bitter experience with Jerry Porter, Jones would be a complete non-fit.

UPDATE, 5:09 p.m.: Jones did not show up for the workout, which was to follow Tulane's pro day, according to James Varney. A shocker. I am sure Jones will have an excuse ready and maybe it'll even be legit. If he attempts to set up another try, the interested parties list will be even smaller. Hat tip to @brian_mcintyre for the link.

UPDATE, 5:53 p.m.: Now, according to my collegue Kevin Seifert, Jones is working out. I cannot believe that something involving Jones and his people would involve such confusion.