Fisher on stability

Jeff Fisher’s the league’s longest-tenured coach, and stability is a big part of what the Titans try to build around.

He fielded some questions about that at his breakfast meeting Tuesday with the media in Orlando at the owners meetings:

On holding the same position for a long time:

The roster turns over now. I have no one left on my roster that was on the ’99 team. You’re returning over 25, maybe 28 percent of your roster every year. Once you get through three or four years, you basically have a new team.

I think that’s where the challenges lie. Years ago, when they put that fix-year max on the lifespan of a coach is because the rosters didn’t turn over and the message gets stale after a while. But the challenges, I mean, they’re all the same. Every year, I’ve got a new team. You’ve got to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team and try to win as many games as you can.

On what it says about stability in the league when it’s so rare that guys like you, Bill Belichick and Andy Reid are in same place for so long:

Well, I think all of us are fortunate to be the exception to the rule. I think the one thing in common when you look at these situations is ownership -- stability in the front office and ownership. That’s what we attribute it to. I think we all realize that it’s difficult to build a program when you’re changing the head coach every two or three or four years. When you’re changing head coaches, you’re changing philosophies, you’re changing coordinators, you’re changing player types, and it’s difficult. And so I think we’ve all been fortunate.

On the message players get implicitly when they know it’s not going to change:

I think in free agency when you’re coveting a player, he does want to know, if he’s going to make a decision to change addresses, it would be nice to know that the commitment that he’s making, he’s going to be able to fulfill it, complete it. You bring a guy in to play, whatever the position is, if there’s a coaching change in the near future, the position description changes.