Jaguars still pushing for renewals

Jacksonville Jaguars CFO Bill Prescott gave Vic Ketchman an update on the Jaguars' ticket sales, and it boils down to this with regard to the 24,000 individual season-ticket holders from 2009:

“We’re shooting for at least 85 percent renewal rate [of season ticket holders]. The due date was Friday and we’ve got about 71 percent renewed. We’ve got three percent that told us they’re not renewing their tickets and 26 percent we haven’t heard from yet. Of that 26 percent, we need at least 14 percent, more than half of those people, to renew their seats.

“We’ll be reaching out to all of those people. On March 31, we’ll release the seats if we haven’t heard from them.”

People can spend -- or not spend -- their money on whatever they like. But I’d figure fans committed to the Jags last year understand what they are doing and how they are building and would be looking at 2010 with some optimism.