Could more offense improve Texans' D?

Reader Ryan Burk posed an interesting Texans question in a recent exchange, and it’s one I thought would stir some debate here.

Given a choice, do the Texans upgrade the running game in the first round, rounding out the offense and helping keep the ball away from the opponent, or do they have to go defense early because of the number of positions they are looking to address on that side of the ball?

It depends, of course, on who is there for Houston at No. 20 in the first round. But presuming C.J. Spiller is gone and Ryan Mathews is the best choice at running back, how would he measure up against the top safety (is Earl Thomas gone?), corner (Kyle Wilson?), defensive tackle (Brian Price?).

My gut reaction answer is they have to go defense, and I really like the idea of Thomas.

But if they love Mathews and decided to go that direction, addressing defense with their next several picks, I suspect I’d wind up applauding the thinking.

To catch the Colts, maybe being Colt-like isn’t a bad idea. And while Matt Schaub is not Peyton Manning, he’s proved himself to be an offensive centerpiece. If Houston said, “Let’s load up on offense, looking to hold the ball more and score more points as a method of being a better defense,” it would be hard for me to be critical of the approach.

At least until the unnamed new safety and cornerback get shredded by Manning.

I’m curious, Texans faithful, what you think?

Would you object to a run-game answer at No. 20, or do you feel like Houston’s got to go defense?