Horton on Indianapolis Colts

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. did pre-draft team files spanning the NFL across four categories: front office, offensive philosophy, defensive philosophy and three primary team needs.

You have to be an Insider to see the whole file, but here are some highlights from his Indianapolis Colts fileInsider that caught my attention and were subsequently declassified by the ESPN.com brass:

“As wide-open as the Colts are, they also can go to two-tight end looks with one of those guys in an H-back movement-type role, and they can run or throw the ball effectively out of that formation.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: I’ve been wondering if a better blocking tight end for such situations might be a priority along with revamping the offensive line.

“Under new coordinator Larry Coyer (with Jim Caldwell's blessing), we did see Indy blitz more in 2009 and we saw more man-coverage schemes than in the past. There are still Cover 2 principles in this defense, but the element of surprise makes it very interesting.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: As Horton goes on to say in listing corner as the No. 3 need, this means the team needs more versatile cover men now, not just Cover 2 guys.

“Left tackle is a real problem, center Jeff Saturday is near the end and the right guard spot is wide-open. There is a lot of work to be done here, and it may take multiple players.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: I’m expecting more than one offensive lineman, but I don’t know that the first one has to come especially high.