Horton on Jacksonville Jaguars

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. did pre-draft team files spanning the NFL across four categories: front office, offensive philosophy, defensive philosophy and three primary team needs.

You have to be an Insider to see the whole file, but here are some highlights from his Jacksonville Jaguars file that caught my attention and were subsequently declassified by the ESPN.com brass:

“[Wayne] Weaver is expected to get more involved in personnel decisions because of a shrinking fan base and a real need to give this organization a PR boost.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: Weaver will not do any draft room arm-twisting that’s going to help marketing or PR at the expense of football. Gene Smith and Jack Del Rio can spell out to him that the best players produce the best chance to win, producing the best possible PR.

“Until the passing personnel improves, the team will use safe and short passes designed for yards after the catch. The team's run-first mentality not only eats up the clock but also sets up play-action opportunities. It may not be pretty, but right now this offense has no other choice.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: The Jaguars’ passing problems in a nutshell, but without mention of David Garrard, a quarterback who’s just not quite good enough.

“Reggie Nelson's play has really dropped off, and he may not be back in 2010. The other safeties, Gerald Alexander and Anthony Smith, are not capable starters, nor is backup Sean Considine. The Jaguars need a playmaker who could either be a strong safety or free safety with range and cover skills.”

Kuharsky’s reaction: Alexander had some good moments last year, so this assessment is very interesting. Yes, it’s a spot with a lot of current candidates and no current sure things which could put Earl Thomas into play at No. 10.