E:60 piece on Harrison runs Tuesday

ESPN’s E:60 will air a piece Tuesday night examining the mystery surrounding former Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison and accusations that he was involved in a 2008 Philadelphia shooting. The show’s scheduled to air at 7 ET, 6 CT on the same evening the NFL releases its schedule.

From a news release from the mother ship, comes this from ESPN The Magazine’s Shaun Assael:

“If there’s one person in the NFL who you wouldn’t expect to be in this position, it’s Marvin Harrison. He was always an old-school player who was celebrated for not being showy, for doing his job and going quietly to the bench. But he was always a little aloof, and so it’s this other side of him that were are unraveling that we find so riveting. Somebody who is very much a part of the hard-scrabble neighborhood in Philadelphia where he grew up.

“This is one of the hardest stories I’ve ever reported, which is why it’s taken nearly two years for this to get to this point. It’s still an unsolved crime because of the code of the streets: nobody talks. And so on the second year anniversary of that, police are still searching for the gunman and still don’t know whether it was Marvin Harrison or not, despite the statements of two eyewitnesses, both of whom are suing Marvin, who say it was him.

“The other thing about this case that was so difficult and so grisly is that after we started reporting it, one of the critical characters we interviewed was murdered, and so we have the only video of one of Marvin’s accusers who’s now no longer able to talk to anybody.”

I imagine we’ll find it worthy of revisiting after it airs.