Scouts Inc. draft rankings

We’re not big fans of post draft grades over here, but it is nice to see some structured opinion on how teams did.

Scouts. Inc. and ESPN’s Stats & Information came up with this attempt measuring how teams did, factoring in value based on prospect rankings, needs (to a lesser degree) and trades. Here’s how the formula works.

It’s a highly sensitive file -- so only Insiders can see it all, but you can see the AFC South results here because I am such a maverick. You won’t like them.

  • 19th – Houston

  • 26th –Tennessee

  • 31st -- Colts

  • 32nd -- Jaguars

As you might imagine, that doesn’t leave the division in very good standing compared to the others in the NFL. Here are divisional averages:

  • AFC North – 9.75

  • AFC East – 10.25

  • NFC West – 11.75

  • NFC East – 13.75

  • NFC South – 15.75

  • NFC North – 17

  • AFC West – 24.75

  • AFC South -- 27