Chat wrap: Scandals and animals

Snippets of Thursday’s five-star AFC South chat.

david garrard (jax jags) [via mobile]

With a more hungry receiving corps. An o-line who is improving and a defense with some pro bowl veteren presence I see us improving tremendously remember before our 4 game skid we were in contention I think we bust out this year. I'm going to throw up some impressive numbers as well. Oh don't forget mojo.

Paul Kuharsky

Yes, the hunger of a group with unproven talent is usually what throws it over the top.

Edward (Dallas, Texas)

Considering that the Texans had Dreesen, Hill, and Casey already on the roster at TE, then drafted Dickerson and Graham, then signed Gaines from free agency, would you take that as an indicator that the Texans are not at all confident in Owen Daniels' ability to return to prior form after his third ACL tear?

Paul Kuharsky

I think it's more about a long-term contract issue with Daniels than about this year.

Eric (Greencastle, Ind.)

How do you see the Indpls Cols O-Line shaping up with the changes/losses? Are they really trying to get bigger to run the ball better?

Paul Kuharsky

They keep suggesting they’re not, but their acquisitions suggest they are. Only lock is [Jeff] Saturday at center, I think.

Kevin Costner (Hollywood)

Do you think that I could help bring national media attention to the flood if I begin filming Waterworld 2 in downtown Nashville?

Paul Kuharsky

I think it would be a great help and it couldn't go down in history as any worse than the original, right?

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