Can the Texans close on the Titans?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The Houston Texans are oozing optimism.

Are they setting themselves up for success or a let-down?

It's a good thing to aim at the top, and you can't really say you're doing anything else. But I think a team that's spent that last three years at the bottom of the AFC South needs to shoot first for last year's third place team: Tennessee.

Since Indianapolis is the five-time defending AFC South champs, Houston's 1-11 overall record against the Colts is somewhat understandable. At 7-5 against Jacksonville, the Texans have shown they can figure out a division rival.

But 2-10 against Tennessee? If the Texans can't manage at least a split there, how can they climb?

I explore that and more in the Texans' installment of Camp Confidential.