Young citation likely to stir debate

So many good, newsworthy things can happen for a celebrity in a strip club, it's a wonder they don’t hold their charity events at them.

Vince Young was issued a Class C assault citation after an incident at a Dallas-area strip club early Sunday morning that involved Young, a club manager and, apparently, an insult to the honor of the Texans Longhorns.

It amounts to a traffic citation and won’t result in an arrest. Of course, Young can be at Club Onyx if he so chooses, and the maximum fine of $500 attached to the citation indicates just how minor an event the police judged this to be.

But a traffic citation wouldn’t stir debate on sports-talk radio and call into question, at least for a segment of football followers, Young’s judgment as he prepares for his fifth season with the Titans.

This event may not be a big deal to you or me, but that doesn't mean it won't turn out to be a bigger deal to somebody else. And one of those people could be commissioner Roger Goodell.

You can find video of the fight here through WFAA-TV and see the incident report through The Tennessean here.

The Nashville paper also had unsurprising comments from coach Jeff Fisher before his annual charity softball game Sunday night.

Young was scheduled to be part of the game but was not there early on. He pinch hit late, The Tennessean said.

The team has OTA practices Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.