McNair now in on Ravens event -- for charity

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
What initially seemed like an improbable story has turned into a situation some fans are reading as Benedict McNair.

Jim Wyatt first reported Steve McNair, who played 11 seasons for the Titans and two for the Ravens, was slated to be part of a Ravens "Purple Pep Rally" in Nashville Friday. Then McNair's manager clarified and said McNair would do no such thing. Now McNair is back in, and says it's all about raising money for charity.

"This is a charity event I'm doing for the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore and that's it," McNair told WRRN-TV in Nashville. "It doesn't have anything to do with the Ravens or the Titans. I'm gonna be there because I'm not gonna disappoint these kids.

"People want to say it's about the Ravens, it's not about the Ravens. It's not about Tennessee. It's about these kids from the Ronald McDonald House and I can put a smile on their face. If this taints my image I'm going to be very disappointed because that'll tell me that people [do not] care about me raising money to help kids. That's selfish."