A closer look at agent Tom Condon

If memory serves, I’ve never spoken to Tom Condon. Not for lack of trying, at least at a certain stage of my life as a reporter.

Others in the media know him. But generally he’s an agent who stays in the background.

I always welcome insight into key people we don’t know well, so this Mike Chappell piece on Condon, who represents Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, was a great read.

Michael Lombardi of NFL.com says the Colts and Condon have not begun conversations about a new deal for Manning.

But Bill Polian and Condon have done well piecing together Manning’s previous contracts, detailed by Chappell, and the NFL community expects the next deal is a certainty.

"There's no question there is mutual respect and Tom Condon's word is his bond," Polian said. "You know negotiations are going to be tough, but in the end, if there is a level of trust -- and there certainly is on my part with him -- you at least have taken one step down the road towards successful completion because of that."