Don't get your hopes up about Titans and WRs

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
We can talk about the Titans and wide receivers constantly -- from now until the end of Jeff Fisher's tenure as the team's coach -- and odds are, the majority of you won't be happy with what the team does.

I do my part to relay the team's MO -- it's not going to spend a first-rounder (or maybe even a second-rounder) on a wide receiver, it isn't going to chase the top guys in free agency and it isn't going to deal for a top name.

The Titans will look to add a speedy playmaker or two who will be a value and contribute beyond expectations. They will steer clear of anyone they think could underachieve, have constant hamstring problems or be an attitude problem.

That is in this team's DNA, and it would be a major departure for them to do anything differently.

Besides, as one participant in a recent AFC South chat said, why is everyone so obsessed with wide receivers? The Cowboys had them and missed the playoffs. The Titans didn't and had the best record in the league.

Fisher basically outlined his thinking about wide receivers earlier this week.

Here is the pertinent piece of the press conference (the italic and bold emphasis is mine).

On how high a priority it is to acquire a playmaking wide receiver:

Jeff Fisher: We're going to try to upgrade our roster at all the positions. I thought Justin [Gage] made plays, Brandon [Jones] came in and made plays, I thought Justin McCareins when healthy made some plays. But it will be a priority for us. I think Kerry [Collins'] play illustrated that you don't necessarily need what is referred to as a big-time weapon outside. [If] you get the ball off on time, people get to the right spots, you make plays. But certainly we're looking to upgrade that position as well as others.

On if he's disappointed that rookie receiver Lavelle Hawkins did not make a breakthrough:

JF: No, I'm not disappointed at Hawk. Hawk's going to be a good player. I'll give you an example, I had a real good conversation with a number of players as they were departing, Brandon Jones in particular. I thought Brandon Jones improved significantly this year and I reminded Brandon about Derrick Mason's road and how it took Derrick three or four years. Despite the fact that you may not care for Derrick's antics on the field, Derrick is a real good player and it took Derrick time. You just keep working. You work to get better and then all the sudden it happens for you.