If the Texans could add any one player ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Texans receiver Andre Johnson is a player the other three teams in the AFC South would love to have. But who is it that Houston would covet?

Given a choice of any one player in the NFL, who would give them the biggest boost?

It would be hard to look to the offensive side of the ball considering the Texans' progress there and the deficiencies on defense.

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth will be a popular choice. Putting a big-time tackle on a line where Mario Williams needs help will be a priority.

But my early thinking is that a premier safety might be the best way to go. Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu could do a lot to settle the back end of the defense and provide a model and a leader to follow.

I invite you to chime in -- with comments here or notes to the mailbag. After I see what you have to say, I will make a plus-one selection for the Texans by week's end.