Paging through 'Blue Blood'

A confession: My vacation reading was very light on football.

Still I did read a couple sections and paged through “Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts” by Nate Dunlevy, who writes a blog all Colts fans should know, 18to88.com.

The book had a different tone than the blog -- it’s less edgy and more straightforward. It’s also quite thorough. And I think any Indianapolis fan would enjoy Dunlevy's detailed recounts and remembrances of the important games, developments and personalities for the team since the franchise’s relocation in 1984.

While I enjoyed Butler’s Final Four run earlier this year, I’ve not had a basketball experience in Indiana. Perhaps I can rectify that when I am in Indy for a Colts game this year. It won't be the same as it once was because of the Colts, according to Dunlevy. In “Blue Blood” he writes about how the team spurred football growth in the state to the point where it’s overcome basketball.

For more on the book -- which includes a pre-print blurb from me on Dunlevy -- head here.