Who's the Titans' best assistant coach?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Jeff Fisher, the league's longest-tenured head coach, can count staff stability among his biggest benefits. Whether you believe in Fisher or not, he appears to be a good boss. If you do good work under him, you get to enjoy stability on par with his.

Titans fans, I'm looking for your answer on this question:

Who's the team's best assistant coach?

Linebackers coach Dave McGinnis has head-coaching experience and the sort of passion that's hard not to notice while serving as a veteran sounding board for Fisher. But it looks like defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil will become the new defensive coordinator.

I'm pretty sure this debate will boil down to the team's two line coaches.

Offensive line coach Mike Munchak is in the Hall of Fame for his career as a guard, and he's repeatedly gotten players ready for their roles. His current group, among the league's best, includes two very good tackles -- All-Pro Michael Roos and David Stewart -- who he told the team he liked in the 2005 draft and he has helped develop them into premier talents.

Defensive line coach Jim Washburn has sometimes been the victim of his own success. Because he has developed cheap free agents such as Kyle Vanden Bosch and Tony Brown and lower draft picks such as Carlos Hall and Robaire Smith, the Titans haven't always provided him with top-shelf talent.

I'm curious what you think and hope you'll be heard with a comment here or in a note to my mailbag. Stay tuned for a follow-up post later in the week that sorts through what you say.