Colts to wear sweet throwbacks

Indianapolis will don these throwback jerseys during the August 15 preseason game. Colts

Baltimoreans may want to skip the highlights of the Colts-49ers preseason game on August 15.

The Colts will wear these sweet 1955 throwback uniforms as they connect with their past.

It’s always a bit awkward when a relocated team throws back to a time when they had absolutely no connection to their city. Had Raymond Berry, Alan Ameche or Art Donovan so much as have set foot in Indianapolis when the Colts wore those uniforms?

I doubt it, so I understand why people Maryland may hate this deal. (They would like it any better, I don’t suspect, if the Colts wore them for a game in Baltimore against the Ravens.)

People in Indy, however, are entitled to the history the Irsay family brought with them when they made the move in 1983.

So Baltimore will have to deal.